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I started as a ballroom dancer before spending 13 years exploring and competing in hip-hop and various types of other popping dance styles. Dance has given me the ability to express myself in so many different ways, and I’m here to help you express yourself in each of my classes.

Currently Instructing: 

CLUB “U” with ANASTASIIA is for all levels and will make you sweat , have fun but most importantly will teach you how to dance and rock those moves on the actual dance floor! 

AGILITY TRAINING with ANASTASIIA  is inspired by her being a pro dancer that likes to kick on beat. I created this work out choreographed with drills that include exercises that will tone your whole body and on beat punches and kicks that will for sure make you feel more powerful ! So get ready to have some rhythmic punches and kicks on! 

In this class you won’t need any special equipment, may be towel(s) only. Cause oh yeah, I’ll make you sweat ! 

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