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I’m a fitness expert yes, but a person first. I want to know what matters to my clients first and foremost. After that, we work together to achieve your goals. 

My journey into fitness didn’t start with wanting to look a certain way but after a significant injury, that put into perspective the preciousness of life. I wanted to be strong physically and mentally so I could overcome any challenges before me, and I want to do the same for my clients.

I have been in the Fitness field for nearly 30 years. I ran the personal training and group fitness departments for places like New York sports club, Bally Total Fitness, and Equinox. One thing that I’ve noticed about each of them is that… well…they all SUCK.  They create and clone cookie cutter trainers that can be switched and exchanged at any given moment, and the client wouldn’t know the difference. I believe every client is unique and requires a personalized approach to achieve success.

Outside of being a trainer, I’m a competitive swimmer, competitive distance roller blader, Salsa dancer extraordinaire, off broadway performer, and a 2 time athletic physique champion. I also love comic books transformers, so if you need someone to nerd out with, I’M YOUR GUY!


  • 2 time undefeated natural athletic body builder 
  • Nationally accredited certified personal trainer
  • NBC Universal fitness consultant 
  • Shape magazine fitness coach consultant 
  • Men’s health magazine contributor 
  • Oculus Meta virtual reality Fit XR fitness app founding trainer

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