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Since I was nine years old, I played football and absolutely loved it, but I always struggled with being the smallest player on the team. My passion for fitness sparked when my journey to gain some extra pounds began. Ever since, I've been in love with fitness and find joy in helping other people reach their fitness goals.

Currently Instructing:

BARTON BUILT with J. LOTT will have you push your limits with the goal of strengthen those muscles and leaving stronger than you came. This full body workout is meant to test you mentally and physically with burnout sets, timed explosive reps, and ladder sets. If you like throwback classics this class will also give you a hint of nostalgia to help ease the mind ;-). Come along on this journey with me and let’s crush these goals! 

PAIN & PLEASURE with J. LOTT is so LIT, it makes you forget you’re getting your azz handed to you. This class will have you singing and grooving out loud while sweating, burning calories, and feeling the burn. A full body cardio sculpt class heightened with cardio. This is the class you want to have that calorie tracker on for! Each song played is specifically selected for the workout, the tempo needed, and feeling I want you to feel from it. From start to finish this class will have you on a roller coaster ride of pushing your mind and body to the limit. Leaving this class will have you pumped for the day ahead or ready to go party that night! It’s the Dopamine kick you’ve never experienced. Come along on the journey with me! 

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