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I'm originally a theater actor from Michigan, but have found my stride in NYC as a motivator and coach in the fitness industry. Living in the city is hard. Dashing to catch the subway, carrying groceries, and an endless amount of steps make strength conditioning an important part of being a New Yorker. In my classes I want to create a studio environment where the group energy makes it easier to push harder, get stronger, and have fun while we do it.

Currently Instructing: 

H.I.I.T ME UP with MICHAEL ALBERT works in circuits for a full-body sculpt spliced with hard push cardio bursts.

STRENGTH & ALIGNMENT with MICHAEL ALBERT  centers around core stability, held poses, and finding more length through your body. 

Both classes primarily focus on building strength and endurance through three steps:

1. Noticing where your body says your exhaustion point is. 

2. Challenging your exhaustion point and comfort zone with another continued rep, second braced, or half inch closer toward the ground. 

3. Take a recovery breath and see if you can hop in for one more, moving the fatigue baseline of what your body thinks is possible possible.

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