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Starting at the original David Barton Gym, I’ve been on team David since 1992. It was David’s vision of providing members the chance to experience the perfect ‘rep’; a focus on proper biomechanics, dialed in mind body connection.  That inspired me back then, and invigorated my willingness to follow him throughout the years and various locations.

The idea that everyone has potential for transformation with proper guidance still remains my core principle in practice as a trainer. Partnering with members to understand their goals and tailoring programs is key, while also developing the connection of trust and support to keep the process engaging and inspiring along the way.

So whether you have specific goals regarding bigger biceps, a smaller waist, or simply a desire to feel revitalized and engaged with your life, I am sure working out at Gym U will help get you there and I’m happy to be part of that process along the way with you.


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Resistance Training Specialist
  • Metabolic Code
  • Neufit Method

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