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I came to the USA from Colombia in November of 1989. I saw my first bodybuilding magazine in a newsstand in 42nd st. On the cover there was this guy with huge triceps performing a single overhead triceps extension. It totally blew my mind. I felt that’s who I wanted to become; a bodybuilder.

I didn’t understand English, so it took me a month to translate the magazine. I started learning exercises, diet, and training routines. In that time I was working in Jack Lalene gym doing maintenance. I started learning English because that was the only way to change my life. I was 100% focused on my bodybuilding career.

Years passed where I was working jobs I didn’t really like washing dishes and cleaning. It wasn’t until I got the opportunity to work at David Barton’s Gym that my life began to change. I had an interview to work there and when I got to gym I was introduced to David Barton. I had already started competing so I was carrying with me my competition pictures, which I showed David right away. He asked me if I wanted to workout and I said yes immediately.

I took my dress shirt off, we trained shoulders, and after the workout he hired me on the spot. I was
the happiest man in this world. David allowed me to continue with my English classes so I could apply to college. David provided a lot continuing education courses to the trainers like stretching and exercise performance, as well as kickboxing and yoga classes. I was like a sponge absorbing as much knowledge as I could. Then in combination with physical therapy, this career became the perfect match for me. I’ve been working as personal trainer for 20 yrs plus now and wouldn’t change a thing.

NASM Personal Trainer
Professional Bodybuilder (IFBB)
Physical Therapy Assistant and Sports Rehab

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