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Studio Mission

David Barton, a true fitness icon, is back in Chelsea where it all started. Welcome to a legendary, hand curated, bespoke studio training experience not found anywhere else on the planet. Innovative quality instructors along with “U” Personal Trainers form our Studio Crew.

Every class will focus on the direct connection of personal training and studio classes. David’s goal is to have each class taught be as unique as the instructor teaching. Talents and experiences from around the world come together for “U” the member. Express yourself & be the best “U” can be!

Studio GuideLines

for your safety & in consideration of others

  • Mention physical limitations to instructor prior to class.
  • Class is closed 10 minutes after start time.
  • Entering late? Set up in the back of class.
  • Modifying movements? Please do so away from front of room.
  • Clean and put away all equipment used properly.
  • Leaving early? Please exit quietly.
  • Appropriate footwear only allowed in all studios.
  • Please Respect classes! Keep voices down inside & outside studio.
  • No phones in class unless truly necessary.
Gym U by David Barton, Gym Chelsea New York


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